Cabana Jo’s

branding and print collateral project


Cabana Jo’s is a real business located in Berry on the NSW South Coast. It provides a curated offering of beautiful homewares, furniture, decor and fashion to the local community. With recent fires, business has been slow for all stores located in the area. Although this project is purely a branding and print collateral exercise, I saw it as an opportunity to create beautiful designs that reflected the business ethos.

Heavily focused around textures, shadows and earthy tones, this new branding reflects the store in a more lively tone. The key messaging to shop local and being proudly from the South Coast is also heavily reflected in the brand and print collateral.

The key elements of this exercise include; a primary logo and a secondary word mark, business cards that also double up as note cards for writing dimensions on, gift vouchers, thank you cards and finally stickers used when wrapping goods in tissue paper. 
Just a note: as this is an exercise, all photography seen in this project has been sourced from Unsplash, a free resource made possible by creatives. In this project I specifically used images provided from Marten Bjork and Daniel Chen.