speculative branding, art direction and research through design 


Experts warn that our planet only has until 2030 to stem catastrophic climate change. This highlights the fragility of our current farming system. 

FutureMarket is a speculative design project exploring the effects global climate change can have on food production. Rather than a solution, this project presents a visual speculation on what might happen to the physical qualities of food if climate change continues as currently predicted. With sufficient oddness to hold our attention without being ridiculous or completely impossible, FutureMarket proposes conceptual foods and a new food future.

This new food future branding is one part of an on-going experiment that explores the structure and form of conceptual objects in the telling of a complex idea—that climate change will impact what we eat in the future. Multiple design experiments/ visualisations were conducted as a form of enquiry, continually experimenting with issues and implications that arose from my research. Currently, I am presenting a suite of artefacts with strong visual impact, intrigue and ability to arouse curiosity.

These artefacts only represent a small portion of experiments to be undertaken for FutureMarket. The nature of this project means that it is a continual experiment, constantly evolving with research that is made accessible.