I create smart and honest design, delivered with a strong visual impact. A recent Visual Communication Honours graduate with a hands on approach, constantly evolving my skills as a creator.

Currently searching for a design gig that will help me grow, all while allowing me to research the perfect avenue to help young creatives feel confident in this large industry. 



Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication (Honours) 


June–September 2017

UTS x For the People Incubator Student

December 2017

UTS x Google Creative Labs, Sydney

Volunteer Work

July 2016

Thrive Africa Volunteer

Things I like to do

publication, print, typography, digital, css/html, web design, packaging, branding, art direction, research.

Things I’m interested in

fashion, print making, theatre, sports, cooking, napping.

Special things

July 2018

D&AD New Blood Yellow & White Pencil Winner
August 2018
UTS Human Rights Award Nominee
November 2018
AGDA Student Award—Distinction in Identity

Life wanderings

July 2018

Presentation at DesignStudio, London

July 2018

CampaignBrief write up

July 2018

FastCompany write up